By: Evan Jankens

In my opinion, Eminem is the most popular and well-known person in Detroit.

That might not be true around the country, but I bet around here 90 percent of metro Detroiters know who the famed rapper is.

Well we know who he is, he doesn’t necessarily understand the world around him all that well, especially when it comes to technology. An odd video of Marshall Mathers has his the Internet and it shows that Mr. Mathers might not understand everything a smart phone does.

The video starts off by showing Eminem walk in the room while the camera is rolling, in which he thought he was taking a selfie.

What most people noticed about the video is the big old tube TV in the background — when did she film this, 1984?

I just think it’s funny that he doesn’t have any idea that he is actually being filmed. I think there is nothing wrong with the video at all — and he actually looks really great and is being his normal goofy self instead of his usual angry rapper self. I also think it’s possible that Eminem is fooling us all and it’s just a gag video.

After all, we all remember the way he launched “Revival” as a fake prescription. No matter how serious his songs are, you’ve got to give it up for his sense of humor.


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