Busy Day For Tow Truck Drivers
Busy Day For Tow Truck Drivers

(WWJ) – Tow truck drivers are very popular people on a day like today.

With winter storm warnings in effect across most of Michigan, snow covered roads mean slick travel conditions, which can lead to fender-benders, wrecks, spin-outs, and anything in between.

John Klotz, owner of Livonia Towing Company, said members of his 10-man crew have been out on the roads since 3 a.m. and they have seen a fairly high volume of calls, though nothing has been too serious.

“More stuck-jobs, a few more accidents, but right now, there’s not a large volume,” Klotz said Friday morning. “Traffic is moving kind of slow. Everything is usually a fender bender when traffic is moving this slow. Nothing major, but up a little bit.”

Klotz said the best advice for drivers in need of assistance out on the roads is to stay in their vehicles when making calls for help.

“A lot of people will leave, and then police will come along and it will be impounded,” Klotz said. “If you just stay in your car, especially in a city like Livonia, there’s always going to be a police officer roaming around and if he sees you, you can usually get help.”

Tune in to WWJ for traffic and weather on the 8s. And make sure to check the WWJ weather page for updates throughout the day.


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