ROYAL OAK (WWJ) – With so many choices in the grocery store it can be confusing knowing the healthiest option to choose. Beaumont Hospital  in Royal Oak is hoping to change that.

With over 45,000 items to choose from on any given trip to the store — it’s easy to fall into unhealthy territory.

In a grocery aisle at the Meijer store in Royal Oak, Betty Nash of Sterling Heights listens closely to Erin Dolinski, registered dietitian at Beaumont Health.

“Looking at the trans-fat — so that’s zero,” Dolinski shows the group inside the store.

She says knowledge is power in the grocery aisle.

“Knowing what foods to look for, where they’re located and understanding how healthy they are for you can be an empowering experience,” says Dolinski. “Education offers shoppers the first line of defense in preventing and treating chronic disease.”

Nash is part of a small group on a grocery store tour.  It’s offered by Beaumont Hospital to help people make better food choices by understanding food labels and the layout of a grocery store says WWJ’s Health Reporter Dr. Deanna Lites.

Each shopping tour is geared toward a certain disease. The task during this trip is shopping for a healthy heart — it’s something Nash is interested in because heart disease runs in her family.

“Rotisserie chicken — she said to be sure to take the skin off – because that’s where all the fat is,” said Nash.

The tours are free and will be held once a month.

Eight tours are planned through August:

Feb. 13 — Heart Health
Mar. 27 — Diabetes
Apr. 24 — Weight Management
May 8 — Gluten Free
Jun. 19 — Heart Health
Jul. 10 — Diabetes
Aug. 14 — Weight Management
Aug. 28 — Gulten Free

To learn more and to register contact the Nutrition Services Department at Beaumont Royal Oak at 248-898-3052.



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