DETROIT (WWJ) – A disruption in the campaign of a Democratic candidate for governor. Gretchen Whitmer said Thursday that she requested that her campaign manager Keenan Pontoni resign over allegations of “inappropriate behavior” with former co-workers in a previous job.

In a statement released to WWJ Whitmer through a spokesperson said:

“Yesterday, I received a credible report that a number of years ago, my campaign manager engaged in inappropriate behavior with people in the workplace and for that reason I have asked for and received his resignation effective immediately.”

Campaign officials have not revealed any details of the allegations.

In a statement released Thursday evening through a spokesperson Pontoni said he didn’t want to become a distraction to Whitmer’s campaign:

“I have built my career working toward progressive policies and values, including working for and with some amazing staff, candidates, and organizational partners. I learned yesterday that someone I had worked with on a campaign early in my career reported that I had said manipulative and insulting things to them later on and that I had communicated inappropriately with others. Though the allegation as presented to me does not match up with the facts as I know them, I am committed to the continued success of the candidates I have worked for. As a result, I made the decision to resign my position so that I’d not become a distraction to the Whitmer campaign. I am grateful for the time I had working with the Whitmer campaign and I am very proud of the team and culture we built together.”

Pontoni was Whitmer’s second campaign manager. He took over for Jerid Kurtz, who left in August 2017 after four months with Whitmer’s campaign.

Political Director Dana Sherry will take over as campaign manager in the interim.