LOS ANGELES (WWJ) – Pistons center Andre Drummond did what many felt would keep him from succeeding in the NBA All-Star Weekend’s Taco Bell Skills Competition — he made a three-pointer.

But it was for naught, as the shot came a second after Chicago Bulls rookie Lauri Markkanen nailed a three of his own to win the first-round matchup on the “Bigs” side of the bracket.

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Drummond got hung up on the chest-passing section of the challenge his first time down the court. Despite quickly making his layup, Drummond couldn’t catch up to the Finnish rookie.

The three-pointer came as a surprise, though, as Drummond has attempted just 25 three-pointers in his career, making just five of them. Many fans on social media did not expect Drummond to be able to knock down the long-ball.

Drummond might have jumped out to a little bit of a head-start:

Drummond was unable to do the one thing he said he needed to do: