DETROIT (WWJ) – Michigan State Police say an investigation into a damaged window on a Detroit city bus doesn’t appear to be from a shooting.

Troopers responded to the Detroit Department of Transportation garage on the east side Friday morning after the driver told transit police his bus had been shot while on a freeway, damaging a window. The driver reported the incident at the end of his shift, and then went home.

Further investigation showed no bullets or bullet holes were found on the bus. Detectives then interviewed the driver, who told them he heard gravel hitting the bus during his shift — which he could have possibly mistaken for gunfire.

It’s not clear what caused the damage to the window, but police say it definitely wasn’t gunfire.

Earlier this week, four drivers reported their cars were damaged by what investigators say appears to be shots from a pellet gun. If something happens to you or your car, police say you should stop as soon as possible and call 911.

“If an actual event occurred valuable evidence could be lost the longer you drive or the longer you wait to notify police. That will make it easier to find the person responsible and keep the community safer,” police said in a statement.


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