DETROIT (WWJ) – MDOT is reminding drivers that they can file claims for potential reimbursement if their vehicles have been victimized by potholes.

The claim only applies to state trunklines — highways that have an “M,” “I,” or “US” prefix — such as M-10, I-75, or US-23.

To prove your case, you’ll have to show that MDOT failed to reasonably maintain the highway, and that they knew the problem existed for at least 30 days.

Claims for less than $1,000 must be submitted to the MDOT regional office or transportation service center that covers the county where the incident occurred. If a claim is for $1,000 or more, it must be filed with the Michigan Court of Claims in Lansing.

A claim form and instructions are available online at

If you car is damaged on roads not managed by MDOT, you can contact the appropriate city or county to file a damage claim.

This massive pothole was found on 8 Mile Road between Haggerty and I-275 in the left lane. Becky Follmer says her daughter’s car was damaged by the pothole.


 Hit A Massive Pothole? File A Claim With MDOT

(Photo: Becky Follmer)


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