By Allen Foster

It’s easy to get so caught up in the torrent of managing life’s daily needs that you cease to have the time or energy to think about anything other than the crisis du jour. But fighting fires is not an efficient way to run your business. It can actually be quite detrimental in the long run. Taking a shrewd preemptive strike is far more advantageous. Especially when it comes to something as essential as your roof.

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You might not realize it, but one of your biggest defenses against loss is your business’ roof. Every asset that you value, everything you own is protected beneath the shelter of that roof. Whether it’s a slow drain on your finances due to increased expenditures in heating and cooling, or a sudden catastrophic event catalyzed by a heavy storm, restoring your roof to superior standards is a wise, proactive, money-saving move. Don’t wait to get the work done, here are four reasons why you should schedule your roofing job now.

Damage Equals Vulnerability

Any beating from the weather or general wear and tear that your roof suffers is a chink in your protection. Even a small crack is enough to let rain and snow find it’s way inside your building, eventually causing potentially irreparable harm to the integrity of your structure. Besides the elements, your roof helps ward off excess heat and cold, keeping your businesses energy expenses to a minimum. Waiting to schedule that roof job is equivalent to leaving the lights on with the water running because it ensures a slow but steady financial drain on your company.

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Putting It Off Only Makes Things Worse

Unfortunately, the only thing that happens when you wait to get work done on your roof is things get worse. Nature has no compassion. It is an opportunistic force that exploits the tiniest defect till it creates catastrophic change. Don’t forget, it is rivers that carve mountains. Would you rather take care of the pooling water while it’s still outside the building, or wait until it becomes an internal issue? Truly, there is no better time than the present when it comes to getting your roof repaired.

Are You Sure That’s Covered?

If you think waiting is an acceptable course of action because you have insurance, you might want to check that fine print. Although every policy is different, in general, items that can be defined as exclusions (e.g., preventable maintenance issues, ongoing issues, neglect) might not fall within the scope of your plan. It is possible that any expenses incurred for repairing the damage that has resulted due to one of these conditions might not be covered. That alone should be a reason not to procrastinate.

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You Deserve Your REM

Putting off getting your roof looked at by a quality union contractor could be depriving you of much-needed sleep. Don’t let unnecessary stress keep you up at nights; schedule that work so you can rest easy with the peace of mind that your roof is indeed in tip-top condition.