DEARBORN (WW) – Police in Dearborn are looking for the culprit after a McDonald’s worker was in shot in the face at the drive-thru with a paintball gun.

Dearborn Police Lt Gary Mann said it happened around 1:30 a.m.  Monday at the fast food restaurant at Michigan Ave. and Gulley in Dearborn.

A customer ordered a drink, but as told it wasn’t available, because the machine was down. He then drove up to the window and when the clerk opened it, he immediately shot her in the face with a paint gun, Mann said.

The young Detroit woman told police the weapon closely resembled a real handgun, and she was terrified.

“She thought that she was shot be an actual firearm and, you know, she was very scared. I’m sure she thought initially that she might die,” Mann told WWJ’s Sandra McNeill, adding that the victim was treated for extensive bruising to the face.

“This poor victim, simply trying to work, and she certainly shouldn’t be subject to something like this,” Mann said. “The suspect never said anything to her. You know, I just chalk this up to an overly aggressive customer who wasn’t happy with whatever he was told by the store. .There’s certainly no excuse for it.”

The shooter is described as a black male in his 30s, heavy-set with a hat, driving a late-model black colored Ford Crown Victoria. Police are reviewing surveillance video to get more information on the suspect, who immediately drove away following the incident.


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