NEW YORK (CBS Local) — Actress Heather Graham is one of the many women in Hollywood using her voice to make a change. In October, Graham shared a story publicly for the first time about how Harvey Weinstein implied she had to have sex with him to land a role in one of his movies. Graham stopped by the CBS Local Studios in New York to promote her new movie “Half Magic” and commented on her experience with Weinstein.

“I felt really lucky I didn’t get raped. I’m looking at the list of all these harasser predators — I’m so lucky. I knew a lot of them, it’s really sad,” she says.

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Graham also told CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith why she decided to go public with her story after staying silent for years.

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“It was such a powerful moment for all these women including me to tell a story that I guess I thought that this would never change and nobody would ever listen to us,” she she admits. “And so to actually tell our stories, have someone listen and have these men get fired — I felt so inspired by that.”

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Graham’s new movie “Half Magic” is in theaters now.