Graphic Video Warning: The Snake Is Killed

By @GeorgeJFox

You don’t mess with someone’s dog. This snake paid the ultimate price for just that mistake. Spoiler alert: The dog survives. 

In the video posted to Reddit you can see the medium-sized black dog, half under water, in the coils of a constricting snake. Bystanders pull the snake out of the water and one man hits it with a pole until it releases the dog. The man continues to land heavy blows to the snakes head. It’s hard to imagine the snake survived.

Part of me feels bad for the snake. Unfortunately, it left the people in this video no choice. It was was just doing its giant snake thing and messed with the wrong dog.

If there’s a snake like this anywhere I’m chillin’ — something has to be done. If given the option I would relocate it, but in the heat of the moment — it’s hard to say how I’d react.


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