MACOMB COUNTY (WWJ) – The Macomb County Public Works Commissioner says the additional $175 million in road funding that lawmakers approved and that is expected to be signed by Governor Rick Snyder Governor — is not enough.

“It’s a drop in the pothole,” says Macomb County Public Works Commissiner Candice Miller.

“Quite frankly, with all of these potholes, this is a crisis condition as far as I’m concerned – it’s not just an inconvenience to somebody – it’s potentially life threathening.”

She says the money that was approved is insufficient, and doesn’t address the structural needs Michigan has — and it’s a poor reflection on the state economically.

Miller, along with County Executive Mark Hackel, penned a letter that was read in the Senate session, says it’s time to raid the rainy day fund:

“I don’t know what else the rainy-day fund could be for?” says Miller, “it’s raining out here ladies and gentlemen. We need some help.”

She says lawmakers need to take creative action to fix the roads that are coming apart.


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