HIGHLAND PARK (WWJ) – Dozens of seniors have been displaced following a fire at an apartment complex in Highland Park.

Against a din of air scrubbers and cleaners — over 70 seniors and other residents looking to settle back in their space after being forced from the area by fire Saturday night.

Mildred Anthony, 69, is back a Bishop Moore Senior Apartments — hoping to get medication that was left behind — as she fled her apartment during the fire this weekend.

Anthony said there was an announcement that everyone should leave the building — and she left immediately, “after I checked my neighbor to see if she was alright. Then we both left.”

Some residents were put up in a hotel, some stayed at a recreation center, others went to family or friends to stay.

A fire restoration company on the scene working to get the building habitable for residents to return.

Some of the units are ready for people to return other spaces are in greater need of repair.

Damage is concentrated on the fourth floor – where the fire broke out — and above. The majority of repair is expected to be completed by Tuesday.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.


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