By: Evan Jankens

Over the weekend, Michigan basketball won back-to-back Big Ten Tournament titles.

Shortly after the Wolverines were celebrating at Madison Square Garden, former Michigan CB Jourdan Lewis tweeted something interesting.

“Damn, that gotta be hype winning something in college,” Lewis said on his Twitter account.

This tweet didn’t sit well with Michigan fans — and other fans had some fun with the former Wolverine.

Lewis played for Michigan between 2013-16 and his teams had conference records of 3-5 (2013), 3-5 (2014), 6-2 (2015) and 7-2 (2016). The highest his team finished was 3rd place.

Is this Lewis throwing shade at his Alma Mater or just showing his disappointment?

Comments (2)
  1. Jeff Sherman says:

    BLM thug gonna thug. Barely speaks English, and it’s his first language.

  2. You received a great education for playing a game A GAME. Do not disappoint your family or yourself–create a good life, become a good citizen and decent man. Help and serve others.. Do not waste the opportunity you earned and were given.

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