Former Oakland University Professor Sentenced On Drug Charges

PONTIAC, Mich. (WWJ) – A former Oakland University professor has been sentenced to at least three years behind bars.

Joseph Schiele was found guilty in January of drug possession, maintaining a drug house, and one firearm charge. There were also allegations that Schiele partied with students at his house. He was sentenced on Monday at Oakland County Circuit Court.

The 49-year-old Canadian citizen was convicted of having ketamine, an anesthetic drug. He will serve his sentence and then be deported to Canada. His attorney, Neil Rockind, said the sentencing was over the top, considering the circumstances.

“What really happened here today is a guy was convicted of possession of ketamine, a two-year offense and for having guns that were lawfully registered to him in his home that were broken down and or unloaded,” Rockind said.

As for the allegations of partying with students, Rockind said it was taken over the top because they were all of legal drinking age.

“He had people over that were of lawful age,” Rockind said, “all of whom were considered adults in the legal system, all of whom if they engaged in drunk driving and killed someone would be sent to prison; no one would ever accept that they were just kids – and he was convicted of that.”

Schiele began teaching at Oakland in 2004.


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