Are you shopping for tires, but worried about sticker shock? It’s pothole season and new tires can set you back hundreds. Have you considered used tires? Lee Hermiz owns “Save-On Tires, Inc.” rolled out the used tire buying tips for WWJ reporter Mike Campbell at his shop in Detroit.

1 how to spot a good used tire youtube2 Ask A Detroit Expert: How To Buy Used Tires And Save Money

Lee Hermiz is the owner of Save-On Tires, Inc. in Detroit. (credit: Mike Campbell/WWJ)

“Used tires for sale” signs are everywhere. But would you buy a used tire? At his shop on Gratiot near Six Mile and E. McNichols Hermiz explained how to identify a used tire with good life left and how you can save up to 50% off the cost of new tires. This is easier if you have a common vehicle where tires are plentiful of course. It’s all about supply and demand.

1 how to spot a good used tire youtube1 Ask A Detroit Expert: How To Buy Used Tires And Save Money

Hermiz shows an example of a bald “garbage tire” that he would not sell. (credit: Mike Campbell/WWJ)

Check the wear from left to right. Don’t buy a tire with a wear-bar at or near the tread height. The wear bar is on every tire. It’s a rubber rib across the width of the tread area.

It helps to know the terminology. “Take-offs” Hermiz explains are tires that are lightly used but can’t be sold as new, but at half the cost. Brand new tires may have colored lines and they may be still visible on take-offs, but not all new tires have the lines.

Price check by searching the internet for a similar new t ire and compare to see if you’re getting a good deal.

Every tire should come with a warranty, however short. Hermiz adds, “If it’s good enough to sell. It should be good enough to last.”


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