DETROIT (WWJ) – Monday marks the first day back to school for students at Central Michigan University since a fellow student allegedly shot and killed his parents in his dorm room – setting in motion a chain of events that included putting the whole campus on lockdown.

Junior Stephanie Gezequel, of Midland, was on required to ‘shelter in place’ in her dorm room in the Towers complex where the shooting occurred.

Gezequel is glad there will be counseling and therapy dogs for students.

“Thankfully, while I was at home my cats acted as therapy animals,” said Gezequel.

Senior Ian Riggs, of South Bend, Indiana, thinks that’s a good idea. He was stuck in his off-campus house the day of the shooting and saw police and K-9’s on patrol by his house.

“I was slightly more removed from it being off campus — it didn’t impact me quite as much but the students who were stuck in the dorms or at work on campus – I feel like that was probably really taxing on them, so having those resources will be really nice for them,” said Riggs.

Nineteen-year-old James Davis has been charged with killing his parents in his dorm room before running from campus — and was the subject of an intensive daylong search that included 100 police officers, some heavily armed in camouflage uniforms. The incident prompted a lockdown of CMU buildings, Mount Pleasant schools and public buildings.


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