DETROIT (WWJ) – The revolving door continues to turn at the White House as President Donald Trump fires his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday – and then fired the Under Secretary for pointing out that fact.

The moves in the White House have been unprecedented and worrisome says Eastern Michigan University Political Science Professor Ed Sidlow.

Sidlow, speaking live on WWJ with Russ McNamara, says the Trump administration has been very hard to read.

“This administration has been so unpredictable and really so unique in its total lack of executive organization,” says Sidlow. “And we haven’t had a president run the executive branch, as they used to say about Roosevelt sometimes, out of his top hat, since Roosevelt.”

In addition to dozens of ambassadorships, eight of the top nine positions at the state department are open — as talks with North Korea are supposed to take place by May.

Sidlow was asked if all those job openings are an invitation for disaster?

“I would like to hope not,” he said. “But that’s an awfully fair question. Those sorts of conversations are usually preceded by meetings amongst envoys of both countries participating – we don’t know who those envoys might be and yeah, this is a real worrisome circumstance to be sure.”

Former Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo will now fill the role of Secretary of State and Gina Haspel will become the director of the CIA.

Trump has said that there is no chaos in the White House – only great energy.


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