MONROE (WWJ) – A warning is going out from the Monroe County Health department, after a restaurant worker has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A.

A food handler at the Olga’s Kitchen on Telegraph in Monroe has been diagnosed with the disease. Any restaurant patrons who indulged in food or drink at the Olga’s between Saturday, February 24 and today are advised to get the Hepatitis A vaccine.

Health officials say they are working closely with the restaurant to vaccinate all employees and to eliminate any additional risk of exposure.

The health department posted this notice on their Facebook page:

The Monroe County Health Department (MCHD) has been notified of a confirmed case of Hepatitis A in a food handler who reports recent work at Olga’s Kitchen restaurant located at 2072 N. Telegraph Rd. Monroe, MI.

Any restaurant patrons who consumed food and/or drink from the restaurant between the dates of Saturday, February 24, 2018 through Wednesday, March 14, 2018 may have been exposed to the Hepatitis A virus. Based on this potential exposure, MCHD is recommending vaccination with Hepatitis A vaccine or treatment with immune globulin (IG) for individuals who can’t receive the vaccine.

MCHD is working closely with the restaurant to vaccinate all employees and to eliminate any additional risk of exposure.

Concerned individuals are urged to contact MCHD or their health care provider with questions.

The restaurant owners and employees are cooperating fully with MCHD, but do not have any additional information or health recommendations.

The individual with Hepatitis A infection is not currently working and is receiving medical care.

The most effective method to prevent Hepatitis A is to get vaccinated. The Hepatitis A vaccine is now routinely recommended for children at 1 year of age. Most adults, however, may not be vaccinated, unless they did so for travel or other risk factors.

Find more information at the Monroe County Health Department website


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