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Small business owners who are interested in optimizing their companies’ profitability should consider paying more attention to their diets. When we maintain a nutritious and balanced diet, it boosts our focus and creativity. Conversely, indulging in junk food can have a negative impact on our productivity. That’s why it’s a good idea to prepare simple and satisfying work lunches in advance.

Invest in some quality food storage containers

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The first step on your journey to becoming a committed meal prepper is to invest in some quality food storage containers. Airtight food containers with divided sections are great because they allow you to easily pack, reheat and devour delicious lunches while keeping your portions under control.

Observe the rule of threes

If you’re used to ordering your lunch off the menu, the prospect of preparing balanced lunches every day may seem daunting. However, you won’t go wrong if you always observe what Eat This, Not That calls the rule of threes. Basically, if your lunch includes one fat, one protein and one carb, you’ll give yourself the energy you need to power through the day.

The benefits of chicken

Two key reasons chicken should be part of your diet are that it is a good source of lean protein and it is incredibly versatile. As this Greatist article points out, keeping your fridge stocked with chicken breasts gives you the chance to enjoy tasty and easy-to-prepare lunches like chicken shawarma bowls, pesto chicken pita pockets, and roast chicken and veggie dishes.

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Schedule a prep day

Rushing to prepare a meal before heading into the office is not a good way to establish a new habit. Instead, give yourself time to shop, prepare and pack a week’s worth of lunches by scheduling one or two days a week specifically for that task. That way, weekly meal prep will become just another part of your routine.

Don’t make lunches you’ll hate

Another way to set yourself up for meal prep success is to only stock up on healthy foods you love. Otherwise, after a week of eating healthy but unappetizing lunches, you’ll probably find yourself hitting a favorite fast food restaurant. Avoid that pitfall by stocking up on your favorite fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.

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