The Detroit Zoo has raised their prices and they are changing the way tickets are being sold.

Depending on the date and time visitors can expect up to a 25-percent increase on busier days, and weekends.

Daily online admission prices will now range between $13-$18 for adults 19 years old to 61 years old, $10-$15 for kids 2-18 and seniors 62+ and $10-$15 for active military with ID. Those prices will vary depending on the date and day of the week and have to be bought online.

For membership prices, the zoo is now charging $63 for individual membership and a family membership is now up to $109, according to the zoo’s membership page.

Same-day admission prices at the gate will be $18 for adults, $15 for kids and seniors and $15 for active military with ID.

Prices will fluctuate within those ranges based on how busy the zoo is on a certain day.



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