WASHINGTON (AP) — The spotlight is on President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen who is now under federal investigation. Cohen, 51 attended Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan before joining the Trump Organization in 2006. According to a spokesman for the University he was featured in an alumni publication as a distingushed graduate in 2013.

President Donald Trump was so incensed by the FBI’s raid of Cohen’s office and hotel room that he’s privately pondered firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and publicly mused about ousting special counsel Robert Mueller.

The raid, in which agents seized attorney Michael Cohen’s records on topics including a $130,000 payment to a porn actress who alleges she had sex with Trump, left the president more angry than advisers had seen him in weeks, according to five people familiar with the president’s views but not authorized to discuss them publicly.

Trump tweeted Tuesday that “Attorney-client privilege is dead!” Nervous White House aides expressed new fears about the president’s unpredictability in the face of the Cohen raid, which he viewed as an assault on a longtime defender and a sign that Mueller’s probe into potential ties between Russia and the Trump campaign was “going too far.”

Trump also announced Tuesday he was cancelling plans to attend the Summit of the Americas over the weekend as well as an overnight visit to Colombia.




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