CBS Local — A tourist’s night out drinking turned into an adventure up the side of a mountain after accidentally taking the wrong trail back to his hotel.

The Estonian man, only known as Pavel, was reportedly in Italy’s Valle d’Aosta in early April when he mistakenly started walking up a snow-covered street he thought was route to the ski resort Cervinia. According to the Italian news outlet La Stampa, the drunken vacationer quickly ended up on a ski slope in the Alps around 3 a.m. local time.

After traveling up the snowy slope, Pavel finally found a mountainside bar about a mile and a half above sea level. The lost tourist reportedly broke into the bar and took shelter on a bench for the night.

Although a searcher party had been sent out to find Pavel after he went missing, he was luckily discovered in the mountain cabin by the bar’s staff the next morning. La Stampa reports that the drunken tourist was convinced he was on the right track the whole time however, Pavel has not commented on his chilly blunder in the Alps.

The 30-year-old Estonian reportedly received a fine for the cost of the crews that went looking for him.