The city of Flint plans to take the State of Michigan to court over the water crisis. This comes just 10 days after Governor Rick Snyder announced that the state was shutting down water distribution centers throughout the city.

The announcement was made by Mayor Karen Weaver, Monday morning after meeting with the governor. In a press conference Mayor Weaver said, “They gave us their word that they would see us through this lead and galvanized service line replacement and that we would have pods stay open until then and they backed out on what they said.”

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The Mayor says that even though the State tried to end the pods she was able to get an extension while they tested the schools. Although, results are improving there are still huge concerns. When the Mayor brought those concerns to Governor Snyder, Monday she says he told her “to get over it”.

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Today Mayor Weaver and her staff will meet with city attorney Angela Wheeler to discuss all legal options the city of Flint has against the state.

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In the meantime the city continues to depend on donations from churches, local businesses, and continued bottle service. All of which the Mayor says she is thankful for.