DETROIT (AP) – Crews have started cleaning 2,000 miles of residential streets in Detroit.

shutterstock 1012648819 Crews Begin First Of 3 Street Sweeping Cycles In Detroit

Mayor Mike Duggan’s office says the first of three city-wide street sweeping operations has started. Each will take 10 weeks to complete. Duggan reinstituted the program last year after it was discontinued in 2010 due to budget cuts.

The city is posting notices in neighborhoods ahead of the sweeps asking that parked vehicles be removed from streets to allow public works crews to clean the roadways.

Sweeping cycles will run until November. Crews are expected to clear nearly 330 blocks each day.

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  1. John Gwozdz says:

    They put up the signs in S/W Detroit and never come. They never even pick up the signs either. No wonder the city is in dept.

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