By Carol Cain

(CBS Detroit) – As Washington and Beijing battle over trade with talk of tariffs and tough words, some Michigan companies and farmers are caught up in the crossfire.

Mary Buchzeiger, CEO of Lucerne International in Auburn Hills, is one of them. She appears with Carol Cain, Senior Producer, Host of “Michigan Matters” to talk about it.

The Trump administration is proposing a 25% tariff on some goods imported from China which would damage her company. The Chinese government has responded with talk of tariffs and other things impacting American trade as well.

She also appears with Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and Peter Bhatia, Editor and Vice President of Detroit Free Press, as they join Cain on the roundtable.

They talk about Trump’s recent visit to Michigan and his impact on statewide elections this year. Patterson shared thoughts on ongoing talks about regional transit and putting a plan before voters this fall.

There was a discussion about an effort to bring a new penguin aquarium to downtown Detroit. And they discussed an effort to bring giant pandas from China to Belle Isle a few years ago.

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