GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) – Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says a pilot project has provided a roadmap on how the state can establish a statewide asset management system to better manage roads, water pipelines and other infrastructure.

shutterstock 232029664 Synder Launches Project to Offers Roadmap On Infrastructure

Among the recommendations are ensuring that all participants in a database receive a benefit for participating and creating a permanent Michigan Infrastructure Council to oversee planning and mapping.

Snyder announced the results of the regional pilot late last week with local leaders in Grand Rapids. He says it covered 55 percent of Michigan’s urban, suburban and rural population.

Asset management in a process by which infrastructure is inventoried and assessed so coordination results in fewer interruptions for the public and saves money. Michigan has more than 3,350 different infrastructure asset owners, and planning and funding often aren’t coordinated.


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