YouTube sensation Bethany Mota is going undercover. Mota, who has over 12 million subscribers on YouTube, will appear tonight on “Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition” as a punk rocker. The author, designer and entrepreneur pretends that she wants to start her own YouTube channel and mentors other potential YouTube stars.

“I decided to go undercover so I could help people who are aspiring YouTube creators,” said Mota.

Mota’s biggest YouTube moment to date came in 2015 when she interviewed President Barack Obama after his State of the Union address.

Tonight on CBS, Mota the punk rocker teaches a dance class, picks up beatboxing on Hollywood Boulevard and even eats a cricket for a YouTube food challenge.

“I’m going undercover as Skylar Morris, a creative girl with a punk-rock style who wants to create her own YouTube channel. While I was in disguise, there were quite a few challenging moments just because I was being introduced to a lot of unfamiliar things,” said Mota.

Watch “Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition” tonight at 8pm EST/PST on CBS.