About 1.8 million students nationwide will turn the tassels on their mortar boards this spring and begin their working careers. Where they choose to live will be an important consideration, according to a new study that ranked cities according to their career friendliness.

Detroit ranked 173 on the list, out of 182 cities. It dropped even further when it came to the Quality of Life Ranking, to No. 176.

Detroit fared near the bottom for quality of life and career opportunities but was the No. 1 city for job growth (adjusted for population growth), which is good news.

For its study, the personal finance website WalletHub looked at 27 indicators of career-friendliness, including the availability of entry-level jobs to the average monthly starting salaries to to housing affordability.

Overall, Salt Lake City, Utah, is the best place for college graduates to settle in, followed by Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; and Tempe, Arizona, which rounded out the top five.

The bottom five cities were, respectively, Santa Clarita, California; Shreveport, Louisiana; Oxnard, California; Hialeah, Florida; and Newark, New Jersey.

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