The mystery is solved. The “b” in “IHOb,” the teased new name of the pancake house, stands for burgers, the company said Monday as it unveiled its brand new Ultimate Steakburgers. Don’t worry, pancake lovers: “We’re always going to be IHOP,” company president Darren Rebelez during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

“America loves burgers, and America loves IHOP, and we thought this was a fantastic combination to bring America’s burgers to an iconic brand like IHOP,” Rebelez said.

With a shift like that, changing the restaurant’s name was the “best way to convince [customers[ that we are as serious about out new line of Ultimate Steakburgers as we are about our pancakes,” Brad Haley, the chief marketing officer of IHOb, said in a press release.

“We’ve pancaked pancakes for 60 years now, so it’s the perfect time to start burgerin’ burgers, and we’re kicking it off by flipping the ‘p’ in IHOP to ‘b’ for burgers.”

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