ROYAL OAK — The Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office will review the case of the fatal shooting by Royal Oak Police on an unarmed man in April, according to a report.

Royal Oak resident Antonino Gordon, 28, was gunned down by an officer while in the drive-thru of a White Castle in Royal Oak April 10. This is the first major advancement in the case that has drawn criticism from the Royal Oak community, including a group of residents voicing their concerns about the case at city commission meetings.

Police said Gordon had fled when they tried to pull him over 15 minutes prior to his death, but it’s unclear why shots were fired when police met back up with him at the fast-food restaurant. Gordon was in the driver’s seat when he was shot and drove several blocks down 13 Mile before dying behind the wheel, just a block and a half from his apartment.

Authorities have been tight-lipped on the details of the case, initially issuing a statement that it would be “inappropriate” to comment during a pending investigation, but the family says evidence is mounting against the officer, who possibly shot Gordon not once, but several times.

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