MICHIGAN — Unless you live under a rock, you probably know Netflix is booming. Last year alone, the online video service said members worldwide watched more than 140 million hours a day. That equates to more than 1 billion hours a week.

But have you ever wondered what the most popular show is in Michigan? Well, the good folks over at HighSpeedInternet.com set out to answer that very question.

And their findings may surprise you.

The company used data from Google Trends to find out what Netflix show people searched for most last year in each state. In Michigan, it seems people really, really wanted to watch The Confession Tapes.
Michigan was the only state in the country to place such high demand on the Netflix original crime documentary series.

For the few of you who don’t know, The Confession Tapes is a 2017 true crime television documentary series that presents six cases of possible false confessions leading to murder convictions of the featured people. In each case, the documentary presents alternate views of how the crime could have taken place and features experts on false confessions, criminal law, miscarriages of justice and psychology.

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