MICHIGAN — In response to the Parkland shooting and the rise of school-related gun violence throughout the country. Two local teachers have decided to do their part to help in the event of a crisis.

Local teachers Matt Ridenour and Josette Rechul announced today the launch of the TABS (Tracking Appropriate Behaviors) system – a web-based software application designed to assist schools with student management issues.  The application works to track student behavior and handle a crisis situation during a lockdown.

TABS is an easy-to-use system with instant safe schools lock down automation, Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) tracking, and innovative paperless hall pass technology. Here’s a look at how it would work during an emergency:

When an administrator recognizes a crisis situation, they initiate a lockdown via desktop or smartphone.
At that point, every teacher, counselor, and security team member receives a push notification that a crisis is occurring.
The teacher responds with “safe” or “not safe.”

The administrator sees a spreadsheet that updates in real time showing who is safe vs. not safe. This allows the administrator to make quick decisions on where to go, or where to send first responders.

A secondary feedback loop coming in asks the teacher to take attendance when they’ve reached their safe space. This will help in determining the location of missing students.

“Every day that I walk into school I see the need for a system like this,” said Ridenour, co-founder of TABS and teacher at Crestwood High School in Dearborn Heights. “Teachers are overwhelmed and they need simple solutions to help monitor students.

TABS streamlines a number of cumbersome processes, allowing teachers and administrators to focus on the reason they are there in the first place.”The development of TABS began four years ago, and it is a culmination of years of hard work, research, and development.

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  1. Active Shooter Information:
    Schools do not allow pepper spray because its considered a controlled substance. HS1 ingredients is safer than hair spray ingredients but produces the same effect as pepper spray forcing the human eyes to involuntary close for an acceptable amount of time without using a noxious substance and not compromising the human respiratory system. HS1 is available to teachers and students from all school entities to disrupt/stop active shooters. A non-noxious substance that will only affect the intended target and will not contaminate the air. HS1 may also be used by law enforcement to eliminate deaths when the combination of positional restraint and pepper spray is used. HS1 will eliminate the evacuation of an enclosed area (restaurants, theaters, clubs, churches etc…) when deployed on an intended target for the purpose of apprehension and arrest. HS1 is an anti-inflammatory agent versus pepper spray is an inflammatory agent. HS1 Simplicity: Forcing the eyes of an attacker to close without using dangerous chemicals. Recommendations: HS1 should only be used when a hide or fight situation exists against an active shooter. (WHAT) Wait-Hide-Ambush- Target. Check with school administrators before carrying HS1 on school property.
    The reason for the high percentage rate of murders from an active shooter is because all persons do not carry any type of self- defense tool to immediately disrupt/stop the attack. It’s not practical to arm every person with a firearm. It’s not practical to arm every person with pepper spray because it’s considered a controlled substance and when used it will also affect all persons in the area of attack. It is practical to arm every person with HS1. HS1 is not a controlled substance. HS1 will only affect the attacker. HS1 ingredient’s is safer than hair spray. HS1 is super effective in forcing the attacker’s eyes to close. During an attack, what would be the outcome if every person carried an HS1 self-defense spray versus not carrying anything at all? In numbers there is strength!!!
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    Scenario 2: (Teacher and all students armed with HS1) shooter opens door to a classroom of 30 students and one teacher. Shooter is blocking the only exit. Shooter begins to shoot but will be disrupted or stopped because at least 5 to 10 or more canisters of HS1 will be emptied into the attackers face creating the opportunity to escape or apprehend the attacker. Murder rate will be controlled.
    In numbers there is strength and with HS1 there is HOPE of survival.

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