LANSING (AP) — Work or education will be required for many Michigan residents receiving Medicaid health coverage.

Gov. Rick Snyder signed a law Friday that affects able-bodied adults, ages 18 to 62. They’ll have to show workforce engagement averaging 80 hours a month, such as a job, school, vocational training, an internship, substance abuse treatment or community service.

About 690,000 Michigan residents are covered by a 2014 expansion of Medicaid. The number of people who might lose coverage from the new requirement is unclear due to exemptions for the disabled, full-time students, a parent with a child under 6 and pregnant women. The federal government still must sign off on the Michigan changes.

Democrats widely panned the work requirement as cruel for depriving poor people of health care.

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Comments (3)
  1. James Duff says:

    It is about time they do this. Some folks just sit back and live on Medicaid from grand parent all the way down to parents now. Medicaid is for people that need help not to live on. There are people that are able to work living on it.

  2. Dennis Porter
    No one wants to be poor. Sending them to work will cause most to lose their healthcare, and yet the little money that they would be paid, would not be enough to afford healthcare. You can’t work if you have no means to stay well. This is a catch 22 situation. If the state would add the work requirement as a means of keeping healthcare then that is a plus. The welfare system is flawed in its ideology.

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