By Carol Cain

(CBS Detroit) – The City of Detroit takes center stage on “Michigan Matters” as the powerhouse panel of entrepreneur Dr. William F. Pickard, Parade Company CEO Tony Michaels, and Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson appear with Carol Cain, Senior Producer/Host to talk about the Motor City.

Pickard, chairman of Global Automotive Alliance, talked about succeeding in business and helping other minorities and his giving back through philanthropy. He started as an owner of a McDonald’s franchise in Detroit and has a far flung portfolio of companies today which he owns.

He just celebrated his 47 years in Detroit with a “Thank You Detroit” weekend he staged of events which also included an announcement that he is giving millions to several colleges and cultural institutions.

Michaels, who staged the Ford International Fireworks held on Monday, discussed the amount of time and resources that goes into the show. It lite up the sky between Detroit and Windsor with over a million people on hand to watch the epic annual event.

Patterson and Pickard also discussed Republican Party politics and previous statewide leadership of the GOP. Pickard ran for statewide GOP leadership and Patterson is one of the longest serving Republicans in the state.

The panel also talked about Ford’s taking over the Train Station in Detroit and long term impact.

Watch MICHIGAN MATTERS Sunday at 11:30 on CBS 62.

  1. It amazes me how Trump has influenced the party about the free press. Patterson making a comment about not believing the free press was not an acceptable comment. This comes from an old line Republican base that needs to be voted out. So much about Patterson speaks to why we have to vote them out of power, he is promoting money over people, he attacks the free press, who I believe a lot more than Trump’s lies. America is not made up of industries it is about people. The Republicans have always said, “What is good for business is good for Americans.” It is abundantly clear under Trump that this is not the case. We are now seeing harm to people who are Trump supporters under a trade war with our allies. Please, Republicans are abandoning the party because of Trump’s ethics and morality,e.g separating infants from parents, which is not a situation created by the free press, but verified by members of Congress and others. Time for a change. Get out and vote GOP out.

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