DETROIT — The two owners of the historic Boblo boat SS Ste. Claire that was destroyed in a fire on Friday are vowing to restore it.

The owners, Ron Kattoo and Saqib Nakadar, are both Metro Detroit physicians, and have worked on the boat for about 10 years, according to reports.

They’ve started a GoFundMe account to garner support from all those around who are lamenting the loss of the cherished boat.

“Like so many of you, when we close our eyes, we can vividly remember running around the boat, going to the arcade, dancing on the dance floor, visiting the souvenir shop, and hearing about Captain Boblo,” organizers said on the GoFundMe page, adding that countless people have reached out to share their memories.

“Before the fire struck, we had plans to open for tours next spring and a haunted attraction in the fall. Our ultimate goal is to restore her fully and use her as a floating steam engine museum and event hall. The fire is a huge setback, but it has not deterred us from the dream.”

They are starting from scratch, they said, looking for everything from tools to lumber, paint to steel to funds for the rest.

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