GA— A Georgia state senator says not all users of the “n-word” are racist.

Senator Michael Williams’ comments come after he appeared to defend the president’s rumored use of the same racial slur.

While running for governor, Williams showed solidarity with the Trump White House and its hard line on illegal immigration by promising to bus undocumented people back to Mexico.

Now, he’s in the headlines again.

During an appearance on CNN last week, Williams was asked about president Trump’s rumored use of the “n-word”. Williams said while he doesn’t condone the word, he doesn’t judge the president on what he may have said before taking office.

Williams doubled down on his statement today, saying during a radio appearance “it is possible for someone in the past to use the word and not be racist.” He said if the president did in fact use the slur, he should apologize, but it is not unforgivable.

The CBS46 Bulldog followed up with Williams following that radio interview. “Just because someone has used that word in the past, no matter how offensive it is.. I don’t think that would preclude him from being president,” said Williams. “I don’t feel comfortable condemning every single person who has said that word cause they are a racist. I don’t feel comfortable with that level of judgment.”

Senator Williams did go on to say if the president said the “n-word” while in office, that wouldn’t be okay.

The recent resignation of State Representative Jason Spencer is different he says, because Spencer used the word while in office.

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