Salvation is back with an all-new episode this Monday, August 27th at 9:00pm ET/PT. This season has brought with it new alliances, new foes and a whole lot of new problems to solve for Grace Barrows (Jennifer Finnigan), Darius Tranz (Santiago Cabrera), and Harris Edwards (Ian Anthony Dale).

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke to Finnigan to catch up on the new season and discuss the challenges of being a new parent while working on set.

MW- Hey Jennifer, nice to talk to you again!

JF- You too, but we’re always in different cities when we talk!

MW- I know, one day we’ll finally get to have one of these talks in person. But the current season of Salvation has been so much fun to watch, I’ve really enjoyed how there are so many shades of grey this year. There are all these different groups with their own motivations and perspectives, how has the show changed as a result of all these new factions?

JF- There’s just so many more threats than solely an asteroid. There’s so many groups vying for power and it’s just upped the ante, we are getting it from all sides now. Obviously last year the major threat was an asteroid that was very clearly the problem we were trying to solve. This year has gone in so many different directions which I think has added so many facets and layers to the mythology of the show.

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MW- And as a result of all these different players in the game, the various threats, how has Grace changed?

JF- Well we always knew she was a strong, smart character but I think we’ve just seen that in spades this year. We’ve seen a lot of her weaknesses and flaws but the one through line that remains is that she will always fight for what’s right – what she believes is right. I love that, in that sense, she hasn’t changed at all.

But shes’s seen so much, experienced so much and lost so much that she’s really grown as a person, as a woman, we’re about to see her as a mom again – which I’m really excited about. She is a very strong woman and I have a major girl crush on her!

MW- Has your preparation changed at all this season as the show has grown and evolved?

JF- No – the only thing that’s changed my preparation, or often times lack thereof, is being a new mom [laughs]. It’s tricky sometimes juggling playing a character that you’re very passionate about but also wanting to be very present as a mom. There have been some very dark moments for Grace where she really goes to a dark place and as an actor you have to put yourself there for a few hours if not more.

I was very careful to not have that energy around E.J., my daughter. Whereas before having a kid I would prepare quite a bit at home – I tend to now leave my work at work. So I do all my prep at work now. Now keep in mind she was also at work with me all day so that was tricky as well. But I figured it out, my life is strange and she’s going to be a little gypsy like me [laughs].

MW- That’s great though that you’ve been able to find that work balance. I think that’s so important.

JF- It is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Ian, Santiago and I talk about that. Just how we have these reams of lines to learn and how when you get home you can’t just close the door like you used to and spend two hours working on your dialogue and your character choices. Santi has a toddler knocking on his door, Ian and I have babies. Things have changed in a big way.

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MW- And this show in particular where you’re dealing with really heavy subject matter, I assume there has to be some level of decompressing when you get home…

JF- Yes, absolutely. I have to say the darker the material the goofier I am in between takes. I need to lighten it up a little bit [laughs]!

MW- This Monday’s episode if called “Prisoners” what can you tell us about what’s coming up next for Salvation?

JF- I can tell you that we see Zoe again, that Rachel (Drance) is coming back and I was so happy to see that development. It was, for me, a very big piece that was missing this season for Grace. In season one it was such a part of who she is, being a mom. We just had too many stories to tell at the beginning of the season to incorporate the Grace-Zoe arc as well but I was hoping we would get back to her eventually – and we are! And she is coming back to town with some big news.

MW- That’s a great cliff hanger, I like that. Well thanks so much as always Jennifer and hopefully we can talk again soon!

JF- Absolutely, thanks Matt!

Salvation airs Monday nights at 9:00pm ET/PT, only on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.