DETROIT (AP) — Eminem picked a busy day to surprise the world his new album — “Kamikaze” was released only hours before the funerals of Aretha Franklin and the Washington tribute to the late Sen. John McCain.

The 13-track CD includes the song “Venom,” which will feature in the upcoming film of the same name. The disc also includes two songs featuring Jessie Reyez.

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The cover shows the rear end of a fighter plane — recalling a similar cover of the Beastie Boys’ 1986 album “Licensed to Ill.” The rapper dropped the album just after midnight Thursday, tweeting: “Tried not 2 overthink this 1… enjoy.”

The album doesn’t find Eminem in a peaceful place. It kicks off with “The Ringer,” in which he says he wants to “punch the world” in the face.

Eminem Is Target Of New Machine Gun Kelly Song

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Machine Gun Kelly released a song taking shots at Eminem on Labor Day. Called “Rap Devil” (a play on Eminem’s 2013 hit song “Rap God”), the track was released through World Star Hip Hop as a response to Eminem’s new album “Kamikaze.”

The two Midwest rappers have been feuding since 2012, when MGK Tweeted out his thoughts on Eminem’s daughter, Hailee. That social media post irked the Detroit-legend, who allegedly had MGK blacklisted from certain radio shows.

Other than silent accusations and side eyes, there was little direct confrontation from either man for nearly six years. That was, until “Kamikaze” dropped on Friday.

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