MICHIGAN — A new poll has shown that Democratic candidate Gretchen Whitmer has a double-digit lead over Republican candidate Bill Schuette in Michigan’s race for governor. WDIV and Detroit News partnered up to produce the poll, which shows that Whitmer holds a 13.7% lead over Schuette.

Here is what the poll found:

  • Bill Schuette has 88.4 percent name identification, breaking 26.2 percent favorable to 41.3 percent unfavorable. Bill
  • Schuette’s name identification is under water by 14.1 percent.
  • Independents have an unfavorable opinion of Bill Schuette with only 18.7 percent viewing him favorably while 37.4 percent view him unfavorably.
  • Schuette is viewed unfavorably by independent voters by a 2-1 margin.
  • Gretchen Whitmer has 80.9 percent name identification, breaking 39.3 percent favorable to 19.1 percent unfavorable.
  • Independents have a favorable opinion of Gretchen Whitmer with 35.0 percent viewing her favorably and 14.6 percent viewing her unfavorably.
  • Whitmer leads among Independent voters by a margin of 39.0-25.2 percent — a 13.8 percent lead

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