The CDC released new maps this week showing the prevalence of obesity in America. In 2017, seven states reported an adult obesity prevalence at or above 35 percent and the CDC said adult obesity across the country “remains high.”

Adult obesity also differs by race, ethnicity and education, the CDC notes. According to the data, adults without a high school degree had the highest prevalence of obesity at 35.6 percent while college graduates had the lowest prevalence of obesity at 22.7 percent. Discussing the disparities in adult obesity based on race, the CDC said black Americans had a 39 percent prevalence of obesity, hispanics had a 32.4 percent prevalence while white Americans had the lowest obesity prevalence at 29.3 percent.

In Michigan, the obesity prevalence was between 30 percent to less than 50 percent, according to the CDC. The data shows that 19 other states had the same prevalence.

Overall, all states had more than 20 percent of adults with obesity. Obesity prevalence was highest in the South and the Midwest and lowest in the Northeast and the West. Colorado and Hawaii were the only two states with the lowest obesity prevalence of between 20 to less than 25 percent. D.C. also had the same prevalence.

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