PAW PAW — The ACLU of Michigan has asked a Michigan Walmart store to stop selling merchandise bearing the mascot and team name of the local high school: the Redskins.

The Paw Paw High School mascot in Paw Paw, Mich. is the “Redskins,” a deregatory term for Native Americans, the Free Press reported. In February 2017, the school board voted 4-3 to keep the name, but debate has not ended, they said. The state soon fired back, threatening the district’s funding if it didn’t ditch the mascot. State attorney general Bill Schuette sided with Paw Paw, ruling that the threat was out of line.

In a letter to Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, the ACLU wrote, “Walmart has a responsibility to take a leadership role in (the Paw Paw) community. Refusing to sell offensive paraphernalia will effectively communicate to the residents of Paw Paw that Walmart stands with the overwhelming majority of its customers worldwide, who are committed to achievement of racial understanding and racial justice.”

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