LANSING — A convicted murderer may be released from prison this week in Michigan, sparking protest from Attorney General Bill Schuette, the Republican candidate for Michigan’s race for governor. Thirty years ago, Michigan resident Matthew Makowski fatally stabbed 19-year-old Pietro Puma, his co-worker at a Dearborn Health Club. Makowski was convicted of first-degree murder the following year but now could be released from prison.

Schuette Tuesday renewed his call to the Michigan Parole Board to not release Makowski, who is scheduled to be released Sept. 20, unless the Parole Board reverses its decision.

In recent media comments, Puma’s family indicated that they do not want Makowski released and that they have attended all his parole board hearings and expressed their opposition, Schuette said.

“This is about the family of the victim, this is about keeping someone convicted of first degree murder out of our communities,” said Schuette. “Michigan made the decision long ago to reserve prison space for the most dangerous offenders. And Mr. Makowski fits that profile. His crime was not some spur of the moment action, and the robbery resulting in murder was not the fault of someone else. He masterminded a scheme that stole the life of a young man whose family still mourns for him.”

Makowski, age 20 at the time of the murder, arranged for Puma to be robbed en route to the bank and had planned to split the money with the robber. When Puma resisted the robbery attempt, the robber stabbed him with a knife resulting in his death.

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