MACOMB COUNTY — A Harrison Township firefighter is facing a 4-year felony after police say he took pills from an accident scene.

Authorities say 45-year-old Steven Hart took an orange vial with unknown pills from a fatal motorcycle crash scene in late August. Responding officers reported finding the pills, but then could not locate them. After reviewing the police officers’ bodycams, it was found that the firefighter maintained possession of the bottle after picking it up and looking at it.

Police say it is unknown what Hart did with the pills and they were never located during the investigation.

Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham says the bodycams hold authorities responsible for their actions.

“In an effort to be more transparent to our community, our deputies wear body worn cameras as part of their everyday uniform,” Wickersham said in a release. “Not only does this hold our deputies accountable for their actions but it also holds everyone around them, including the public and other first responders, accountable as well.”

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