(CNN) — Nicki Minaj has emotionally shared some of her past experiences with domestic violence.

The rapper posted two clips Tuesday on social media from her forthcoming “Queen” documentary.

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In one she talks about being a little girl and throwing out her arms to protect her mother after her father’s alleged abuse.

“Maybe some people would describe me as abrasive or bitchy or whatever because I vowed from that age no man would ever abuse me, call me out my name or treat me like that,” Minaj said as she became emotional. “Then all of a sudden that was my life.”

In another clip, the 35-year-old rapper spoke about how an abusive relationship as an adult made her feel and affected her ability to make music.

“Who was I going to inspire when I had nothing in me to give?” she said. “I let one human being make me so low that I didn’t even remember who I was. I was scared to get in the studio. I didn’t believe in myself.”

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Minaj did not name the man from that relationship.

Relocating to Miami helped her, she said, and after “catching a vibe” she eventually returned to New York, where she recorded songs such as “Coco Chanel” and “Good Form” that are featured on her “Queen” album released in August.

Minaj has not announced a release date for her “Queen” documentary.

CNN has reached out to the rapper’s reps for additional comment.

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