By Carol Cain

(CBS Detroit) – Judge “Scary Mary” Chrzanowski appears on “Michigan Matters” and talks about her fascinating life and career as a former Macomb Circuit Court judge to panelist on “Face the Truth” a new syndicated TV show airing nationally in 200 markets including Detroit (it airs 4 pm weekdays on CBS 62).

Chrzanowski, originally from Detroit, today splits her time between Macomb County, Florida and Hollywood where she tapes her new show. She appeared on “Michigan Matters” along with Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel and Carol Cain, Senior Producer/Host of “Michigan Matters.”

Face the Truth”, which debut last month features actress Vivica Fox as moderator along with Judge “Scary Mary” and other panelists including life coach Rosie Mercado, lawyer Areva Martin and psychologist Judy Ho who weigh in on problems put forth by guests.

She also mixed it up in her unique style with Patterson and Hackel on “Michigan Matters” as they talk about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for U.S. Supreme Court Justice. (“Michigan Matters” airs 11:30 am this Sunday on CBS 62).

Judge “Scary Mary” was elected four times as a circuit court judge by Macomb County voters. She told Cain she may not be done with politics.

“I have always dreamed of running for prosecutor in Macomb County,” she said, adding she doesn’t have plans… yet.

Judge “Scary Mary” is also a lifelong Detroit Lions fan.

“Back in 1994 or 1995 I got to be the Lions celebrity mascot,” she said. “ Meeting my favorite player, Barry Sanders, and running around on the Silverdome field which was a dream come true.”

Watch MICHIGAN MATTERS Sunday at 11:30 on CBS 62.


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