(CBS) — Halloween is known for haunted houses and hay rides, but we can’t forget about our furry friends.

The spooky holiday could be stressful for pets.

“The Pet Lady” Dana Humphrey stopped by to share some helpful tips to keep your pets happy and healthy this holiday.

The Pet Lady’s Top 5 Pet Safety Tips:

  • Decorate with your pet in mind. Keep candlelit jack-o-lanterns out of reach of your curious pet. Always secure electrical cords out of reach as well. If chewed, your beloved pet can suffer cuts, burns and even a life threatening shock.
  • A tired dog is a good dog! If your pup is staying indoors during the trick-or-treat hours, it’s best to give him a nice long walk before the doorbell begins to ring. This may help to keep him calm during all of the Halloween excitement. If your pooch is joining you for the excursion, make sure to pack all of your walking essentials to ensure it’s a safe adventure for everyone.
  • Create a Zen space. With all the commotion at the front door, it’s best to put pets in a secure, relaxing, safe zone. Keeping Fido or Fluffy in a crate or closed off separate room is a smart idea. Provide them with their favorite bed, toys, and access to food and water bowl.
  • The candy bowl is NOT for Scruffy or Fluffy. Bags full of candy and chocolaty treats can be extremely tempting for our fur-friends. It’s important to keep that Halloween candy stash in a safe place, far out of paws reach. Explain to everyone in your home (including kids) how dangerous candy is for pets.
  • Ghosts, ghouls and goblins can cause doorbell anxiety! Strangers dressed in costumes and the constant ringing of the doorbell may be scary to even the friendliest of pets. Fear, anxiety and unusual activities and visitors can all pose threats to our pets during this holiday.

Via CBS New York


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