Last year, creepy clowns were among Americans’ top fears. Guess what folks in Michigan are most scared of this year.

In 11 states, it’s other people we fear — a big shift from 2017, according to the list from based on Google searches during the year ending Aug. 29, 2018. Spiders — rather arachnophobia, or an intense aversion to members of the arachnid family — are a big fear factor in just as many states, but here in Michigan, we’re frightened by just about every bug. Yep, bugs in general are what scare most Michiganders, not just spiders.

But back to scary people. People scared us in 2016 and 2017, too, but they were a specific group of people — sketchballs in clown suits hiding behind masks and paint.

That makes sense. Evil-looking clowns had popped up in incongruous places across the country in a viral craze, and people frantically searched the internet to figure out what the heck it was about — though we never really did come up with much of an answer other than that they just did, because they could. Last year’s big fears also surrounded the unknown, the number 13, the ocean and — hmm, what the heck? — small pattern-like holes.

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