By Mickie McLeod

The rain was pouring hard and so was dedication out of the remaining 18 Castaways on the new season of Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Did you miss last night’s episode? Here’s what went down…

Here’s what you missed on this weeks episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath:

David Tribe

After coming back from a blindside at Tribal Council, half of the David tribe was disappointed to see Jess leave. Especially Carl, the Truck Driver from Texas. This week, he opens up and gets vulnerable by explaining that having his closest ally leave, hits home for him. Having Jess leave camp reminded him how much he misses his family.

Carl wasn’t the only one upset about Jess leaving. Another Texan, Bi, the MMA Fighter, feels that this scheme came from her former ally, Gabby. Tension starts forming through camp about Gabby being the ultimate persuader on last week’s vote. Christian and Nick, also known as the “Mason Dixon” alliance, find out that others are uncomfortable with her, and instead of having her back, they agreed that Gabby is the main threat at their camp currently. Gabby, on the other hand, looks like she’s hitting it off with Christian, her fellow nerd. But will Gabby be the next blindside?

Goliath Tribe

At the Goliath Tribe, John, the beefy, muscular, Pro Wrestler, softens up a bit this week. His soft side comes out as he reveals more layers about who he is as a person, as opposed to just the shtick of being a Pro Wrestler. He feels being out in the wild and playing Survivor is allowing him to grow more into the person he truly is.

More vulnerability was unfolding with Jeremy too. Jeremy showed a deeper side of himself to Mike, his closest alliance. He explained to him more about his dad having Alzheimer’s and how proud he would’ve been if he was still healthy. Mike and Jeremy strengthen their bond by opening up, but Mike is still wary about working with him because of his unstable paranoia.

Yes, paranoia sinks in. As we know last week, Jeremy has his eyes peeled on the few “showmances” forming in their camp. He searched through Dan’s coat and found out he has a Hidden Immunity Idol. In Survivor, one of the killers in this game is the art of paranoia. And that’s exactly what unravels through Jeremy.

While everyone continues to focus on the burden of Natalie, Jeremy is painting a target on his own back as well. He gets nervous and starts strategizing hard. Speaking to the rest of his tribe, Jeremy agreed that Natalie should be the next one to leave due to her poor attitude, but began to throw around the information about Dan’s Idol. At one point, he even pulls everyone aside and explains that talking strategy is not necessary yet because they’re one team. Others are confused by him, and his confidence is fading. Was Jeremy’s paranoia sinking his game?

Immunity Challenge

I’ve watched Survivor since season one, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it rain so hard. Screaming through the shower, Jeff Probst introduces the Immunity Challenge and Reward. This week, they were competing in hopes to be safe from Tribal Council, and also for an entire comfort set of blankets, pillows, and lounge chairs.

The two tribes were soaking wet, and this challenge did not look easy. While it’s pouring, the two tribes had to cross through a series of obstacles which includes untying knots while attached to a tangled rope. The two tribes were dead even until they reached their last obstacle: puzzle building.

We’ve seen this before, Christian solving puzzles. He’s a wizard, let’s face it. It was between Christian and Gabby on the David tribe and Alison and Natalie on Goliath. These pairs were battling it out through the downfall. Before the challenge started, Natalie insisted that she’d be happy to solve the puzzle in this challenge. She was confident at the time, but that confidence didn’t matter in the end. That’s because Christian and Gabby’s skills won it for the David Tribe!

Now with their first win of the season, the David’s are safe from Tribal Council. That means one person from Goliath will be the first person voted out on their tribe.

Tribal Council

Yep, it’s still raining. Nature is speaking at Tribal this week, as the thunder rolls in the controversy. There’s no surprise that Natalie is on the chopping block. She’s been negative, bossy, and making others feel uncomfortable since day one. However, things were looking up for her; the more Jeremy dug his own grave.

At Tribal Council, it’s pleading time. The two, Natalie and Jeremy, immediately begin to take pokes at one another and explain why they’re the better fit for staying as opposed to getting voted out. The two are getting fierce, and it’s surprising since Natalie was the original decision. But since Jeremy was getting paranoid, sharing secrets about the Hidden Immunity Idol and continuously throwing Natalie under the bus at Tribal, his time was falling short. His tribe noticed how unstable he was and realized that Natalie could be a better asset than him in the long run. Therefore, Jeremy was the first person voted off Goliath.

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