GROSSE ILE — Welcome to Michigan’s most expensive home on the market. This nearly $30 million mansion has distinctive design and a grandiosity that’s hard to find anywhere else. Inside the four-story mansion you’ll find luxuries like heated floors, a cascading waterfall features in the pool and a balcony off every single bedroom.

What’s the catch? Well, besides the price tag, the house isn’t even finished yet.

The property is owned by John C. Bates, CEO of Heidtman Steel in Toledo, and his wife. It was bought for their blended family of 8 children plus grandkids, but they reportedly decided it was more than they “want to handle” in retirement, the Free Press reported.

The house does have ten-foot tall, handmade double doors grace the entrance, which opens to a double spiral staircases leading to the second level.

If you don’t want to use the stairs, there are elevators to get you from one floor to the next. There’s also a rooftop observatory for enjoying the night sky and a view of the Detroit River.

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